October 20, 2010

Water paints of Indian women

Back with a new post showing waterpaints . This has been there in my drafts for a long time. I was just waiting to post dasara related posts.
  There are many more Indian women paints to be done. Glimpse of few of them.

Although I have tried oil paints ,  enjoy water paints. Enjoy feast of colors. I am sure to post many more with new songs.

Some other views of the painting


 Kindly leave  your comments after reading this post. Pleeeeeaase..:)

October 11, 2010

Dasara gombe/bommalu/golu 2010

Yet again here I am with Dasara dolls for this year. The year was more fun. Although preparation for this year was very bad, I could manage to keep the dolls well in time.
I went to Bombe mane in Mysore and bought few dolls. The model of mysore and dasara procession has been showcased very beautifully.
Some of the dolls are hand made and most of them were purchased. Hopefully you will enjoy these photos.

The cricket stadium is the main attraction this time. Myself and my sister spent a day making this stadium. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Cricket Stadium
Left: Dasara Procession;; Right: Stages of Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga
Complete view of Dasara dolls
Top view of the Stadium

Top most step

Marriage, Reception and Ear piercing sets


Village scene

Lord Krishna, Saraswathi and Lakshmi

Shettamma and Shettappa
Village scene where Raama is taken by Guha safely in a boat

Have to mention that big Lord Krishna was given by my grandma to me. This is a piece which has been there from 70 years with them. I painted it and made new.Isn't it cute?

Let me know how it looks?!