October 4, 2009

Navaraathri gombe/golu 2009

For a change here I am with a glimpse of dolls of Navarathri at my home this time.

Visited 'Bombe Mane'-mysore. Loved dolls from there. Including the original Howda(Ambaari)version of Mysore dasara in my 'Dasara procession' theme.

Here are few photos of Dasara procession :)You can click on each photo to zoom it.

The other theme photos were like this ;)

Watch some other dolls and collections here

On popular demand including a photo of all the steps.

Have fun;) Do not forget to leave your comments;)

April 3, 2009

Raamanavami wishes

After a very long pause, started blogging again on the auspicious day of 'Sri Raama Navami'.
Today being the birthday of Lord Sri Raama, Sri Raama Seva Mandali , Bangalore celebrates music festival for 40 days. The festival is really a feast for any music lovers. Here is the link for the list of programmes

I remember my childhood days when myself, my sister along with my father used to sit and sing all the songs of Sri Raama. My father used to teach us most of the 'Devara Naamaas' and especially on Saturdays , we all used to sing special songs on Lord Raama.
Today just cannot wait counting hours to attend concert at Fort High school, which has been a dream for many years now. I feel lucky to stay very nearby to the venue.:) Recently started learning few compositions of Bhadrachal Raamadaasu and Annamaachaarya.
Sure to publish these devotional numbers soon.

Happy Sri Raama Navami
Jai SriRam