November 25, 2008

Dheeme Dheeme ... Zubeidaa

Here I am almost after a week.

I got my new microphone:) So here is yet another hindi song in the voice of Kavitha Krishnamurthy. The movie is directed by Shyam Benagal, starred by Karishma Kapoor, Rekha , Manoj Bajpai and others.

The song is one of the hits of ARR. Here is my version of it.
Do not forget to leave your feedback;)!

Movie: Zubeidaa
Music Director: A R Rahmaan
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Original Singer: Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Download and enjoy
Dheeme (Download)

November 17, 2008

Konjum MeinakkaLe

Today's song is a Tamil number.

The song is from the movie 'Kandukondein Kandukondein'. The songs of the movie are really a singers' challenge.

So here is my attempt. Kindly leave your feedback.

Movie: Kandukondein Kandukondein
Music : A R Rahman
Originally Sung by: Saadhana Sargam

Here is the Downloadable link

Konjum ... (Download)

November 12, 2008

Aatmaatvam....Swarna Kamalam

As my blog caption I am here with a short song.

The piece is picked from the Telugu movie 'Swarna Kamalam' , one of the classics of director K.Vishwanath. The wonderful songs of the movie and the movie itself is overwhelming.

This piece is actually the lines of 'Shiva Manasa Pooja'(composed by Shankaracharya). I did a bit of research on the meaning of the lines.

You are my Self, Parvati is my intellect. My vital breaths are Your
attendants, My body is Your house, and all the pleasures enjoyed by
my senses are materials for Your puja. My sleep is Your state of
samaadhI. Wherever I walk, I am circumambulating You, Everything I
say is a hymn of praise to You, Everything I do is in devotion to
You oh Shambhu

Will try posting other songs of the movie very soon!

Here it goes...

Movie: Swarna Kamalam
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by: Janaki

Downloadable version here
Aatmatvam (Download)

November 10, 2008

Bahut Pyaar....Saajan

Today's song would be a Hindi song.

The song was my hubby's(C's) choice. This is his one of the most favourite songs.
This is a song which is a hit from the movie, 'Saajan' starred by Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Salmaan Khaan.

One of the more popular singers of 90's, Anuraadha Paudwal has sung it very melodiously and elegantly.

It was kind of difficult to convince my hubby with the song! Ooooph...... finally he agreed after three takes:))

Do let me know if my rendition has made justice to the song!!!

Movie: Saajan
Music: Nadeem-Shravan
Orignally sung by: Anuradha Paudwal

If you want to listen.... click on the link below
Bahut Pyaar (Download)

November 8, 2008

Tunturu alli neera..

I am yet again with a new Kannada song. I could not post a new song yesterday as I did not get right karaoke track.

Here is the song of the day - Tunturu...from the movie, Amruthavarshini. The song is popular number in Kannada film music. Of course, I must add that the song is beautifully rendered by Chitra. The one word would be - "Mindblowing".

I have lot of memories associated with the song. When I was college, this was the song I used to render in orchestra. It makes me happy to sing some of the songs sung by Chitra.

To add there are other songs in the movie which are equally good. Will try to post few of them in my future posts.

Please let me know how it sounded. DhanyavaadagaLu!

Movie: Amruthavarshini
Music: Deva
Originally sung by: Chitra

Download the song from the link below

November 5, 2008

Ninnindale Ninnindale....

As promised, I am here again with one more song. Today I was all excited as I had launched my audio blog;) You might wonder why did I chose a song of a male singer! For me it does not matter if its male or female singer. What matters is the song!

I thought of recording my first song in Kannada, as I am Kannadiga. I am from the city of Palaces, Mysore. I feel proud to be Mysorean, as it is one of the places for lot of artists. The place is also hub for Carnatic musicians.

Whenever I sing this song, I am reminded of my 5 year old nephew - he is a prodigy. His sense for lyrics and swaras, makes me think that he was a great musician in his previous birth!! I get overwhelmed with tears when I listen to him singing.

Must add that it is my husbands'(C's) favourite too. Here it goes...

Movie: Milana
Music Director: Mano Murthy
Original Singer: Sonu Nigam

Here is the link to download this song :))



I am starting the audio blog which I have longed for. I am starting the blog by dedicating a song to Goddess 'Saraswathi'-goddess of music. and so is my blog name 'Surasaayi'.

The blog is dedicated to my father, who is my source of inspiration. I have always wanted to fulfill his dreams!I will try to post a song a day(in Kannada - Dinakkondu Haadu...).Here is my first song. Look forward to your comments.

Here is the song download