March 8, 2011

Painting and a song of Sri Rama

This post is precious for me. I have been longing to post this. The busy schedule and my health kept me away from postings. But for sure I want to post as much as possible.

  During my search for new dolls, suddenly a thought kept coming , to buy Sree Rama. I was searching for a perfect piece from many years. But somehow this was waiting for me I believe. One day I took an auto and was heading towards my home. I saw few vendors selling as usual plaster of paris dolls by the road side. He had lot of collection. Although I was attracted by it, I said I have enough collection for this year and went ahead. But I could not resist. As I headed further, I had to ask autowala to stop and walked back. Then to my surprise, I saw few Rajasthani dolls which were not usual. I bought them for a cheaper price. Then I asked for Sri Rama's set(deciding that which may not be available for sure). To my real surprise, he showed me this size and a bigger one. Sky was the limit to my happiness, as I got this 'perfect' piece for a very cheaper price.
   I bought a plain white set,as I wanted to paint this. The purpose of this long story is certain things are just destined for you, but we need to have patience.  I know you are drooling to see this (isn't it?)

A song on Sri Rama is posted too. Hope you like it.