November 5, 2008

Ninnindale Ninnindale....

As promised, I am here again with one more song. Today I was all excited as I had launched my audio blog;) You might wonder why did I chose a song of a male singer! For me it does not matter if its male or female singer. What matters is the song!

I thought of recording my first song in Kannada, as I am Kannadiga. I am from the city of Palaces, Mysore. I feel proud to be Mysorean, as it is one of the places for lot of artists. The place is also hub for Carnatic musicians.

Whenever I sing this song, I am reminded of my 5 year old nephew - he is a prodigy. His sense for lyrics and swaras, makes me think that he was a great musician in his previous birth!! I get overwhelmed with tears when I listen to him singing.

Must add that it is my husbands'(C's) favourite too. Here it goes...

Movie: Milana
Music Director: Mano Murthy
Original Singer: Sonu Nigam

Here is the link to download this song :))



divya said...

hey sahana, probably this song was not recorded properly.. your voice quality sounded better in yakundendu..

Sahana said...

Sure divya, will do a better job next time:) said...

sangeetham sakithyani overcome chesidi
i will listen some time later & let u Know ok
but keep ddoing this bye