November 8, 2008

Tunturu alli neera..

I am yet again with a new Kannada song. I could not post a new song yesterday as I did not get right karaoke track.

Here is the song of the day - Tunturu...from the movie, Amruthavarshini. The song is popular number in Kannada film music. Of course, I must add that the song is beautifully rendered by Chitra. The one word would be - "Mindblowing".

I have lot of memories associated with the song. When I was college, this was the song I used to render in orchestra. It makes me happy to sing some of the songs sung by Chitra.

To add there are other songs in the movie which are equally good. Will try to post few of them in my future posts.

Please let me know how it sounded. DhanyavaadagaLu!

Movie: Amruthavarshini
Music: Deva
Originally sung by: Chitra

Download the song from the link below


Ashwini said...

Hi Sahana
This is Ashwini here, Summi's frnd. I am very excited about your blog. Seriously, its mindblowing. When I was small, I used to read Anupama Niranjan's `Dinakkondu Kathe'...your blog reminded me that. The name u selected is too good. Its an unusal try, I wish u a very best of luck. Looking forward to listen to more such beautiful songs.

Sahana Kashyap said...

Hi Ashwini,

Thank you. I got the idea from 'Dinakkondu kathe' itself!! Will try posting more;)

divya said...

hey sahana..
sweet song indeed..
i loved your voice when it went places like gaganada..the loudness you have at high pitch makes the wordings more low pitch like at the starting (tunturu), you need to be a little more i suggest you to maintain the same volume at both pitches. its lovely to hear your high pitch voice...since i have heard you some years back, i must say you have improved a lot...possibly because you are practising more now :-) good u remember bhaage re mann?? you sung it in symbian..if possible post that song..

Sahana Kashyap said...

@divya: Thank you for the sweet comments. You heard it right:) Sure will work more on the lower notes

Gautam M S said...

Namaskaara Sahana,

Nanna haadugala bagge nimma sihiyaada anisikege dhanyavaadagalu :)

U've got a very open voice like that of Supriya Acharya. But u have to soften your voice a bit while singing such melodious numbers. I'm sure u can do it. U can make out when u listen to Chitra's singing. Waiting for more kannada numbers from u...

Sindhu Priya said...

this ur sister sindhu :).
i'm very happy to see u in this blog.can u sing a song 4 me from the movie "Yemaya chesave"?