October 4, 2009

Navaraathri gombe/golu 2009

For a change here I am with a glimpse of dolls of Navarathri at my home this time.

Visited 'Bombe Mane'-mysore. Loved dolls from there. Including the original Howda(Ambaari)version of Mysore dasara in my 'Dasara procession' theme.

Here are few photos of Dasara procession :)You can click on each photo to zoom it.

The other theme photos were like this ;)

Watch some other dolls and collections here

On popular demand including a photo of all the steps.

Have fun;) Do not forget to leave your comments;)


Amrutha Ragavan said...

Very nice Golu!

sonpari said...

really nice Sahana..you are creative personality. I like the way you drive your life towards your interests! Very few people actually do that! Keep it up!
Procession is very nicely presented..

Madhusudhan said...

Hi Sahana,

Navarathri gombe looks very nice..

you are rocking, keep it up