March 16, 2010

Experiments with the brush

After very busy and hectic schedules, thought let me atleast continue few posts on my blog.

All these days was busy in few programmes, practicing for them and running around to my music classes. So had too many projects running around.After many days of sketching and leaving the canvas empty without paint, thought will try a new art form, Warli painting.

Here is my work with water colors. Initially thought of completing the art with colour pencils. Later gave a finish with the brush, as they were water coloured pencils.

Though the post is off topic, will continue posting more art forms and songs ;)
Do leave your comments.


Sumi said...

Good one...try new ones of this kind. :)

Sahana Kashyap said...

thanks summi. sure watch for next one ;)

Santhosh Mugoor (ಸಂk) said...

nimma haaDugaLanne asTe kELidda namage..nimmalliruva kalavidaLa innoMdu mukhavannu kaMdu khushi aaytu.

Sahana Kashyap said...

thumbaa khushi aaythu. Mathe innastu haadugallanna post maadtheeni.

Keep watching