March 27, 2010

Dreamy bonsai and my colored madhubani makes me so happy to publish this post. I have been thinking of buying a bonsai tree and adding to my plants collection.

I happened to discover these plants at a place in Jayanagar when I went in search of a special grain. I perfectly got my terracota things with inhome pots and plants collection together! I was dreaming to get pots in small containers after I read few posts of Arch. The place is called 'Blooms Ivy'

You may be wondering why I am not posting any song! I have become so busy that I am not finding enough time to mix them. But will definitely post few new songs in my future posts.

Here is a peek into my bonsai collection.

After I got these two beautiful plants, I got this cutie little money plant as gift.

The lighting was so awesome that I took photo of my colored Madhubani with cute bonsais. It is such a fun right?!

I will be waiting to know what you think about my collection and post. :)


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Anonymous said...

Very good bonsai collection, complimented with beautiful art made this a nice post.

I like the idea of song-a-day!.. keep posting!..


Sahana Kashyap said...

Thanks GG. Will post new songs soon.

Natti said...

Where do you get Bonsai plants from. Do you know how to maintain/grow a Bonsai plant.I am looking for help

Sahana Kashyap said...

Hi Natti,

You can get bonsai plants from Blooms and Ivy in Jayanagar 4th block. It is inside the premises of Sweet Chariot. They have wide range of bonsai collections. I have just learnt to grow bonsais, have little bit of idea on maintaining bonsais.

Patricia Torres said...

oh my!! Im impressed.. i love that madhubani!! well done!!