April 6, 2010

Hand painted diyas and small harvest of methi

Here is my new painting venture into hand painted terracota diyas. These diyas I started collecting from last year.
I went to mysore in search of few dolls for dasara. I got to know that every year an exhibition of lights(deepa)happens around deepawali season. I went again to collect them at 'Deepa Soundarya'

The diya in the photo I got it from a street in Bangalore last year. They sell variety of diyas during deepawali(diwali) season. I got this cute sunflower shaped diya. I got it lighted few times. As it becomes black when lighted, it is better to keep them painted as collection pieces.

Meanwhile got a small harvest of fenugreek leaves(methi) from my kitchen garden. Isn't it cute?

I got this tiny little plant in the picture below from the bonsai shop. He is very kind hearted to gift these small little cuties with plants I buy. They are just thumb size pots. Keep an eye for more bonsai, art and singin on my blog ;-)

I am waiting to reveal my collection of diyas in coming posts. Keep watching!!


Chandramouli S said...

Those diyas a beautiful. Nice vibrant colors!

Viji Lingam said...

wow! awesome Golu! ear piercing and Guha-Rama concept is novel!

The stadium is an amazing work - to the detail!
You rock Sahana!