September 30, 2010

Bahara... I hate LUV Stories

You may be wondering why I am posting only my paints and other craft work. Thats why here I am with a new favourite song.

   I have recorded many songs but as mixing takes too much of time, I am lazy to post;) Ok, anyway today finally the song sung by Shreya Ghoshal is ready.

     I could not anyway go near her sweet voice. This is my try to make justice to the song. Hope you like it.Listen to my song here


Eagerly waiting for your comments.


Sumana said...

Hey...I liked this than the previous one. Your voice and expression is good here...Very good try :)

Only thing is I was able to listen your voice on side and the music other side of my speaker...didn't 100% mix. So you voice is loud sometimes. Try how u can tune this with next song. :)

Sindhu priya said...

nice song liked it....